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Wetland Restoration Project

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For more complete information and a detailed slide show, please visit the Fairfax County/Huntley Meadows website at: .

If you have any questions, consider coming along one of the park manager's "Walk and Talks", held once a month (see below).

Also you may call the park at 703-768-2525 or email the park manager at .


Telegraph Road Widening Construction

If you've been near the intersection of South Kings Highway and Telegraph Road I'm sure you've seen the construction activity. This is a Fairfax County funded project (spear-headed by Supervisor Jeff McKay), coordinated, designed and built by VDOT, and obviously involves Huntley Meadows Park, although it is not a Huntley Meadows Park project. The plan is to re-work the whole intersection of South Van Dorn, South Kings Hwy and Telegraph Rd. New turn lanes will help move traffic through the area. Huntley Meadows will get a new parking lot that includes a bio-swale to process storm water, and the new intersection will have a better storm water discharge system to process run-off into Dogue Creek in a manner that hopefully causes less erosion and siltation than the current system. FOHMP board members met with Sup. McKay to ask that erosion controls, stream work and our new parking lot were all done properly. Construction will be complete sometime in early 2015. Please check the FOHMP website for a link to more info, or feel free to call the park with any questions.

Huntley Meadows Park

Who We Are
Founded in 1985, Friends of Huntley Meadows Park is a nonprofit organization of individuals dedicated to the protection of Fairfax County's premier wetland wildlife sanctuary. The more than 400 members represent an active influential voice for the Park and for open space throughout the county.

Catherine (Cathy) Ledec
Vice President:
Sarah Stromayer
Secretary: Karla Jamir
Elena Ryan

Monday Morning Birdwalk
The Monday Birdwalk takes place every week, rain or shine, at 8 AM, is free of charge, requires no reservation, and is open to all.

Birders meet in the parking lot at the Park's entrance at 3701 Lockheed Blvd, Alexandria, VA.
Questions should be directed to Park staff during normal business hours at
(703) 768-2525.

Wood Ducks and Mergansers

February 24, 2013

Every year, or so it seems, the birds start nesting earlier. We have 7 Hooded Merganser eggs in box #1, and another hoodie flushed from box #10. Photographers also report that a Wood Duck drake has also been hanging about this area at the beginning of the boardwalk.

We checked the other boxes in the wetland and topped up the wood chips. Box #6 looks to be in serviceable condition -- no need to replace it this year. The latch on #62 is troublesome, as it has swollen and rusted in the weather; I will look for a screw-lock ring that fits it better.

March 31, 2013

It's high season: we have 10 boxes incubating, and 2 more with eggs that we will hope will turn into ducks, evenly divided bewteen Wood Ducks and Hooded Mergansers. So we actually won't have that many boxes to check next time, since those that are incubating won't be hatched yet.

April 7, 2013

A quick look into a half dozen boxes. Whereas #62, which started inauspiciously, now has an incubating Wood Duck, we're not as optimistic about #13, as the 8 eggs there are not yet being incubated. We expect to report lots of hatching activity from our May trip.

May 5, 2013

We have hatching activity to report in 9 of the boxes, plus (unfortunately) one nest that completely failed. We have produced 82 ducklings so far, even though box #2 only hatched 5 of its 11 eggs. Box #1 is also a puzzle: I saw evidence of eggs hatched, but 11 unhatched and warmish eggs. We will have to check that box again in June.
We also have 3 nests newly started or still going: boxes #61, #13, and #77 (this is the one that Dave relocated to near the boardwalk).
So, of the 16 boxes we monitored this year, we have had nests in 13 of them.
The beavers aren't the only ones who've been busy.
(Most common question from Wetlands Awareness Day: who dammed up all that water?)

2012 Final Report

The birds made good use of the boxes this year, especially the two new ones that we installed in February. In 16 boxes, we had 12 nesting attempts, all of them successful. No dump nests: our largest clutch was a combined Wood Duck/Hooded Merganser nest with 18 eggs, of which 16 hatched.

The mergs continue to produce more than the woodies for the third year running. 70 HM eggs laid, 63 hatched; 57 WD eggs laid, 46 hatched. The count for the woodies is probably a little low, as we had one box where we never did get a complete egg count. The Wood Ducks made as many nests as the Hooded Mergansers (5 each, with 2 mixed), but their clutches were, on the average, smaller.

Click here for a summary ( raw data) of 2012
Click here for historical data from 1982 through 2012



Park Manager Walk & Talk

Park Manager Walk & Talk
and Wetland Project Update

- One Saturday each month -
Meet in the Huntley Meadows Park visitor center
(off Lockhead Blvd.)

January 11,  3-5pm
February 8,  3-5pm
March 15,  4-6pm

Join park manager Kevin Munroe on a walk. Share questions and concerns about the park, find out about the wetlands restoration project and look for the wildlife for which the park is well known.

Have questions about the wetland restoration project? 
Visit the county website,
to view the following information:

Arial Photography, Topography Map, Site Succession Time-line, Power Points and Public Comments, Project Guidelines and Components, Conceptual Drawing, Site Plan Rough Draft - viewing info. & discussion meetings, Program Dates and Descriptions

For more information, please call Huntley Meadows Park at 703-768-2525, email the park manager at or stop by and visit us.

The Park

3701 Lockheed Blvd.
Alexandria, Va. 22306

Nestled in Fairfax County's Hybla Valley, Huntley Meadows Park is a rich, natural island in the vast suburban sea of Northern Virginia. Its 1,500+ acres harbor majestic mature forests, wildflower speckled meadows and acres of wetlands bursting with life. It is ideal wildlife habitat for beaver, otter, heron, ducks, deer, many songbird and butterfly varieties, as well as a host of other animals.

Operated by the Fairfax County Park Authority , Huntley Meadows is forever preserved in a natural state for hiking, biking, wildlife watching, relaxing and discovering.

Facilities include a Visitor Center with exhibits and auditorium, a 1/2 mile boardwalk wetland trail, 2-mile interpretive trail system and wildlife observation tower

Click Here for Visitor Center Hours and Directions to the Park .

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