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Annual Bird-a-thon and Beyond!

It’s Bird-a-thon time again! Since 1996, Friends of Huntley Meadows Park (FOHMP) has hosted this fundraiser to support Huntley Meadows Park’s (HMP) summer Resource Management (RM) Intern. Every year, board members and staff look forward to this annual event, enjoying each others company, the birds, the Park, and the knowledge that with the funds raised, one individual will have a wonderful summer opportunity. 2021 intern, Emery Poulsen explains that she, “had a wide variety of experiences and played a number of different roles.” As an intern, “I participated as a resource manager, was part of the maintenance crew, a birder, a rare plant advocate, and an ecologist. I played the role of a visitor, was a student, and collaborated with other Fairfax County Park Authority interns.” Read more about what Emery did as the 2021 RM Intern in our Fall 2021 newsletter,

In 2020, Bird-a-thon and Beyond! was introduced. The FOHMP Board again invites everyone to join us to count the birds in their back yards, local parks, or other locations for a week in early May. The Board of FOHMP has so much fun seeing the results come in from those who bird with us, some from as far away as Oregon! Please do your count anytime between May 1-8, 2022. The Board’s Bird-a-thon count will take place in the Park during this same week, while following all guidelines in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

For our supporters who bird with us from their own locations, please email a list of where you watched, how much time you spent counting birds at that location, the bird species you saw and number of each to by May 8th. We will create a full tally of the bird species sighted and post it on our website,

If you don’t count any birds, there is another important way that you may contribute - you can make a donation. As always, the Bird-A-Thon is also a fundraiser that supports HMP’s RM Intern. The Board of FOHMP believes these interns have helped the Park tremendously through assistance with land stewardship and conservation. Additionally, the RM internship provides a young person with needed hands-on experience as he or she begins a career in conservation.

Your generous donation will help us reach our goal of $3,000 to fund the 2022 RM Intern. You can donate a set amount, an amount for every bird counted, or an amount for each species counted. For ease of processing, we prefer donations to be made through our Paypal account. Go to the dedicated page for Bird-a-thon on our website, and look for the yellow DONATE button! Alternatively, you can use the form below to pay by check.

Good birding!
The Board of Friends of Huntley Meadows Park

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