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Huntley Meadows Park

3701 Lockheed Blvd.
Alexandria, Va. 22306

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Thank You Park Volunteers!

Volunteer Recognition 2023

Every volunteer at Huntley Meadows Park (HMP) makes such a significant, positive impact and I wanted to again say Thank You to the team of nature, history and natural- resource volunteers of HMP. Volunteers at the Park are ever present and assist at the visitor center, answer questions out on the trails, assist and lead programs, and engage in cultural-and-natural resource projects. The Volunteer Team is 85 people strong and collectively donated over 6,000 hours this past year. Lark MacNeil, the Park’s new Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator, recently revived the annual Volunteer Appreciation Party to recognize each volunteer’s contribution toward making Huntley the best it can be. I’m especially thankful to volunteers for their patience and dedication over the past year while we were in a staffing transition. Thanks to Friends of Huntley Meadows Park for sponsoring the party! Great food!

The volunteer program is again taking flight as Lark has posted and filled several volunteer opportunities. If you’ve ever thought about volunteering, I’d encourage you to visit the Park website volunteer page as it is updated regularly - Volunteering - Fairfax County Virginia. Soon Lark will be posting to recruit a Natural Resource Volunteer Team, focusing on natural-resource priorities. Some of you may know Lark as she was previously a Natural History Interpreter leading programs at HMP. She has certainly been busy with her new duties, but if you have a few minutes, stop by to share your congratulations on her new role.

Doing what you enjoy through volunteering is amazing. Volunteer work improves visitor experiences and helps to create a friendly, safe atmosphere at HMP. Volunteers do so much to connect visitors to the Park, whether it’s through interaction on the boardwalk or protecting trees. Thank you volunteers for sharing your passion!

Karen Sheffield, HMP Manager