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A New Opportunity

~ continued ~

On November 1st 2004, I walked into the Visitor Center for the first time as an employee of Huntley Meadows Park. I was so excited to start my new job as Huntley’s Natural Resource Manager. I was quickly immersed in invasive plant management, project management and endless maintenance projects. The wetland restoration project process started shortly afterwards, which ramped up my knowledge of wetlands and wetland management. I learned so much as the Natural Resource Manager at Huntley Meadows over nearly 17 years. I have truly been blessed to have this job for so long. I can honestly say that for most of that time, I came to work and went home with a smile on my face every single day.

Dave Lawlor carrying
supplies through the wetland.
I will dearly miss working in the Park every day, but I will miss the Huntley Community even more. The volunteers and staff have a profound passion for the Park and set the standard for the entire FCPA. I have an enormous amount of respect for the staff, volunteers, and stakeholders of Huntley Meadows Park; their passion is contagious!

Thank you to all the Huntley Meadows Park Staff and Volunteers that influenced me over the last 17 years! There are too many to list, but I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you!! A special thank you to the entire Friends of Huntley Meadows Park (FOHMP) organization; your continuous support over the past 17 years is overwhelming and inspiring! We were able to ac-complish so many amazing Resource Management Project surveys thanks to the continued support of the FOHMP! And a special thank you to Karen Sheffield who has been an amazing Park Manager and has provided immeasurable support for me since her arrival at the Park!

In my new role, I will continue supporting HMP in every way possible. I will also continue working on ongoing HMP projects already in progress, so I will not say goodbye, but rather, see you soon!