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Norma Hoffman


How can you (our Friends) help protect HMP’s natural and historic resources from the impacts of development inclusive projects? Work to ensure your community has a representative on the committee that makes development project recommendations to the District’s Planning Commissioner and Supervisor.

We should never take HMP’s status as a protected area for granted; its future is in our hands. As I write this, there IS development occurring and planned in areas adjacent to and surrounding HMP that may adversely impact the health of HMP’s natural and cultural resources, including our wildlife. In the case of the EMBARK Richmond Highway project, please come to and comment at the next community meeting in September 2017. Specific information will be posted here: We must be engaged, aware and vigilant about projects that may impact the health and future of HMP. With our collective input, FOHMP’s continuing ability to protect HMP’s natural and historic resources is stronger.

Norma’s successful campaign to stop a proposed road project through HMP more than 30 years ago is highly relevant even today. We need to learn from her actions and be vocal in protecting HMP’s natural and historical resources. Norma had the foresight more than 30 years ago to understand the importance of HMP as a conservation area. She leaves us a legacy that is important to the health of our environment and therefore our own personal health. Thank you Norma for all that you have done for HMP and for us.

Cathy Ledec - President of Friends of Huntley Meadows Park